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My Gadgets


Mr. Kittipon Atchariyakornchai (VAN)

My favorite gadget that sticks around me is Apple iPhone 5 – 32GB, in which I upgraded it from iPhone 4s – 16GB because of the capacity issue. I have to say that iPhone is very important for my life. There are plenty of apps to help manage your work easily from e-mails, calendars, to task management. Also iPhone is my companion while I’m traveling abroad. Many good traveling apps and maps are available navigation, guided tours, to restaurant finding.

The only thing I don’t use on iPhone is making or receiving calls. I don’t think it’s convenient. So I use regular phone instead to make and receive calls. Another gadget is Apple iPad mini that I have it mainly for entertainment especially playing casual games, which are fun and relaxing.

For Amazon Kindle, I have two of them. The original Kindle with keyboard, which I bought for long time ago, is good for traveling on long vacation. It was cheap and has E-Ink screen for reading. Another one is Kindle Fire which I carry around for reading various magazines and books, especially the ones that have color illustration. Also it has small size and light, it’s so portable.

I like Kindle because it lets me enjoy books and magazines at a fraction of original prices. For example, TIME or BusinessWeek in kindle are cheaper for 20-30 times than the listed prices. And most English books on Amazon.com are cheaper than what you can find in your local stores at least 20-50%.

Actually now I’m looking for Asus Nexus 7 as my next gadget. I’m not Apple’s or Android’s fan just the fan of the ones that make my life easier. Until today, I’m not so impressed with Android smart phones and tablets even after I tried many of them. But Nexus 7 is good both in terms of price and functions, they make it valuable.

Another interesting gadget which has just been recently launched is HTC Windows Phone 8S which comes in Fiesta Red and Atlantic Blue. The phone is chic and light with the price of only 9,990 THB. This is interesting gadget in 2013 first quarter.

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