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Easy talk with Changkui.com

Easy talk with Changkui.com

I believe that most of you have been familiar with Internet TV for a while. Some are about serious talk, specific topics, cosmetics, or even IT-related ones. In this issue, we would like to introduce you the famous Changkui.com.

Our team had interviewed Mr. Passakorn Hongyok, Web Master and Producer of Changkui.com. This will get you to know more about this Website, and its future moves in digital TV era.

Techno Society: How did you start Changkui.com?


Mr. Passakorn- Changkui.com

Mr. Passakorn – Changkui.com: I normally had to drive to Phuket and it’s hard for me to find some interesting radio programs to listen on the way. I finally knew about Podcast and learned
about uncountable good content there. At first, I tried to do my own Podcast by using iPod to record my voices, and we started to shoot the videos just in the last three years.

During the very first episodes, I asked my friends to talk about things they knew well. I have my telecommunication engineering degree so most of our talks were about technologies. But sometimes I had invited doctor to talk about health, and a friend who loves Volkswagen Beetle to share on how to maintain this lovely car. From then, more and more listeners were joining, and more people knew us.

Techno Society: How do you pick a good content for Changkui.com?

Mr. Passakorn – Changkui.com: We always choose to make it fun. We choose the ones we can talk and share for at least an hour. We won’t talk about anything we don’t really know about. We have
no script, and no content prepared. So we have to find our own content.

Techno Society: What is the most successful content that make people know about Changkui.com?

Mr. Passakorn – Changkui.com: One is about Munkong Gadget, a headset shop that has higher sales volume of headsets than all iStudio stores can make. Another one is about the Beetle as I mentioned. I read ‘The Long Tail’ and learned that if we talk about things no one wanted to do, it means it’s hard to find a good content out there too. And it will be always popular because you can watch and enjoy it in any time.

Latest one is about the zero kilometer. It is about my story of running equipment and it becomes more popular. I put the camera with the equipment and put it on the show for weeks. And we got very good response from this.

Techno Society: How would you plan for Changkui.com in the future?

Mr. Passakorn – Changkui.com: I plan to make it as on-demand TV show where you can choose to watch it in your ways. We focus on Internet TV and that is our goal. Some said I’m the kind of Podcast, guru but I do prefer the term ‘Internet TV’ guru instead.

Actually there is a lot more stories about Mr. Passakorn Hongyok, and Changkui.com. But sadly I have no more page .. so just wanna say goodbye and see you in our next issue.

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