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Messages from the Editor

Messages from the Editor

Old proverb has it, “Rome was not built in a day”. Definitely in comparison to Thailand, moving forward to ASEAN Economic Community, the country has continuously developed. At the moment Thailand has a plan to complete its fundamental infrastructure (such as skytrain, roads, high speed train). Also we are now in the real “3G Era” and that is the proof for a serious development of technology and infrastructure. Now we are ready for AEC.

From this volume, Techno Society presents you continuous episodes of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) with each volume focusing on particular country in ASEAN in IT and data center aspects. Apart from AEC story, in this Techno Society vol.3/2013 cover story, I have travelled to Malaysia to visit business partners, 3 big data center players: VADS (a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad), AIMS, and CSF Group, and also had opportunities to discuss and share knowledge of their organizations and data center industry. Malaysia is a country that many things are yet to discover. You will know more about Malaysia’s IT and data center and its readiness for AEC in 2015.

For lifestyle section, in this volume it was such an honor to have Bangkok’s U.S. Ambassador to share her viewpoints of Thailand and IT development. You will get to know her in another angle and will find out more about her interesting life.

More stories are waiting for you inside, including food review, chance to win the prize, and more.

I hope you enjoy reading Techno Society magazine vol.3/2013.

Treesukhon Kraiphanont
Chief Editor, Techno Society Magazine

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