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Messages from Executive

Messages from Executive

“It is good that TCCT makes Techno Society Magazine to give the knowledge of IT, data center, and new technologies including interesting content to readers who are entrepreneurs, employees, students, and people. Inside the magazine, readers will gain new knowledge and experiences from important figures who are well-known in IT and other industries and also from leading domestic and international enterprises. These stimulate people and make them have promptness to learn the new things including technology, IT, and other trends. I can say that Techno Society Magazine and TCCT truly dedicate themselves to the society.

Likewise, Amata Corporation PCL. has one vision and it is everyone at Amata’s vision: to become “Asia’s Leading Industrial City Developer”. We do not only do businesses and gain profits, but also make sure that what we do give benefits to people in the countries and societies. Amata is contributing to Thailand’s economy. We do businesses based on:

  • Reliability
  • Sustainability 
  • State – of – the – Art in Business Estate

Our industrial estates are located both in Thailand and Vietnam provide infrastructure and IT facility for customers. Governments are also supportive. We provide health, financial support, education, accommodation, IT services etc. Therefore people working inside can also enjoy life with their families.”


Vikrom Kromadit,

The Cheif Executive Officer of Amata Corporation PLC

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