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TMA-We Help You to Strengthen your Business

TMA-We Help You to Strengthen your Business

Thailand Management Association or TMA is an independent, non-profit professional association filled with executives,
entrepreneurs, business people, and academicians in each business area. The ideology of TMA is to build and support business management careers in excellence by fulfilling knowledge and experiences in management with similar standard accepted internationally.

TMA acts as a mentor for other organizations, especially for large ones which have good business readiness. Still, there are some areas or sections where TMA can help strengthen the business processes. That’s why they were offered help with HR management, finance management, and even IT applications by TMA.

 Mr. Kumpol Sontanarat, President of IT Management Group, TMA said that he started to join TMA since 10 years ago, mostly he participated as guest speaker for IT topics. Then he felt what he was working and what TMA wanted were on the same direction, so he put more effort for TMA, and that was when IT Management Group started.

Mr. Kumpol graduated from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) in computer engineering. Then he started to work as lecturer before joining with EGAT as project engineer, which he could call himself as programmer and system analyst. After that he joined The Bank of Thailand, Investment and Trust companies, and Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. During his last years, he was responsible for more on management than technical issues. Lastly, he turned himself to TMA as group committee, and finally dedicated as President of ITGM, TMA.

“TMA is quite different from other associations since it has 2 types. The first one, they work full time, and another one, they work on voluntary-basis. TMA has to generate revenues to ensure that all full time staff get paid. For volunteers, mostly they are experts in each of the 6 areas, and may work as committee for the group.”

“TMA is an organization aimed to drive and support IT in Thailand and to prepare business organizations to be ready for competitive in AEC. It’s true that in broader pictures, we need cooperation from many organizations e.g. Ministry of ICT, NECTEC, Software Park, and other associates. For large organizations that we’re working with, most of them are quite ready in budgets, staff and outsourcings. They can compete in ASEAN well, also TMA can help them to achieve more in terms of management and IT implementation. We also target SMEs as our main mission because most of these companies don’t have skills, and we believe that IT would bring them new opportunities and market development in long run.”

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