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All About Google Services

All About Google Services

  • Have you or your employees ever encountered bulks of documents?                   
  • Have you ever found tons of documents difficult to manage/store/label/ or keep them in orders?
  • Has your organization ever invested a large amount of money to handle big piles of documents or Big Data?

One way to solve these problems is using “Google Apps!”

In challenging business world with no territory, business operations must be fast, secure and reliable. To handle with piles of documents from each department of your organization as well as manage the spreadsheets and documents manually will be a waste of time and create unnecessary workloads for your staff. Google Apps are tools to help manage the data internally which benefit your staff and result in better and faster organizational process. Also they help make a faster communication internally and externally. Google Apps that we are talking about are based on “Cloud Computing”.

Today we are going to talk to young and energetic gentleman from TCC Technology (TCCT), Khun Vathanyoo Yoosathaporn, System Engineer and TCCT’s Google Apps Specialist. He will explain why Google Apps are so popular that every enterprise should go “Google”.

Khun Vathanyoo: “Think of a library. One library contains abundant books with categories and orders. Google Apps can do better. They can store, manage the data in orders, depending on customers’ requirements, and also offers back-up systems. What is more important is that Google Apps use less space to store and the data can be reached promptly with high speed.”

 “In world’s IT systems today, Cloud has become very important. Cloud can be compared to Online Library where remote accessibility is available from anywhere in the world. When you connect to the Internet from your laptop, notebook, PC, mobile device, or tablet, you can work on your e-mail, calendar, tasks, chat with other people, send or receive photos and videos, and even store a large amount of data.

Khun Vathanyoo continues to talk about Google Apps


Khun Vathanyoo Yoosathaporn, System Engineer and TCCT’s Google Apps Specialist

“Of course, TCCT was overwhelmed with user’s positive feedback. Focusing on Google Apps for Business, first of all, enterprises can have their own corporate e-mail account (@company name) for example, @tcc-technology.com with ability to delegate their own administrative to manage Gmail account. Secondly, customers can get rid of information overload problems in their organizations. Thirdly, staff have more convenience from remote accessibility through any devices. Google Apps which have many functions are one-stop solution tools for the enterprises. Therefore surprisingly lower IT management costs.”

“Comparing to previous e-mails, Google Apps help save costs for 40-50%(the time spent on each task is also lower). Finally Google Apps are more reliable and secure. Google Apps have better Uptime than On-Premise. There are more than half a million of identical servers ready for services (bundled with TCCT’s security systems from being more than 10 years of data centers, infrastructure, and Cloud services provider).”

Source: TCC Technology

Google Chrome: New generation browser for business

Nowadays our lives and works closely connect to the online world. People and business are interacted more on Cloud. So a good browser should support these activities. As you may see that Google Chrome ecosystem is perfect for business, not just rendering Web pages faster, but it also has security features such as phishing and malware protection, automatic updates, etc. This browser also has several applications which help to increase productivity e.g. better Web browser to business processing applications.

Google Apps: Gmail .. more than an email.

Google Apps for Business is a set of services on Cloud that can decrease the IT burden for business from SMEs to Multi-National Corporations (MNCs). This is the only solution that helps collaborating without platform limitation whether it is Windows, Mac, iOS, or any other mobile phones.

Gmail for business is a service in Google Apps for Business that integrates world-class technology like Gmail under the company’s domain. This provides flexibility and convenience for employees to take care of their works. With the minimum costs, the company does not need to install or own e-mail system. There is no more server, software, bandwidth, and maintenance costs.

Moreover, there’re plenty of services such as Google Drive for Cloud storage; Google Calendar for scheduling; Google Contacts for contact management; Google Docs for viewing and editing office documents on Cloud .. and many more capabilities to allow them to work faster. That is why Google Apps: Gmail gains business reliability

Google Search Appliance (GSA) and search efficiency

Mr. Johan Sergergren, Country Manager of Google Thailand

“Search technology of Google gains acceptance worldwide in efficiency. And now Google allows other businesses to implement this search technology for internal searching via Google Search Appliance (GSA) with the same level of efficiency, and can return search results in quick and more effective. It also provides more accuracy of the results than other search technologies. You can search for nearly everything on your systems from documents, files, e-mails, databases, etc. plus the capabilities to define the data access level for each group of employee too.” Johan Segergren, Country Manager, Google Thailand.

Today TCCT gives you an opportunity to use more reliable services from Google Apps by TCCT. For more information please visit www.tcc-technology.com or contact marketing@tcc-technology.com.

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