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Happy Time in Hong Kong Eat, Drink, Travel and Shop



It is almost the end of the year. For anyone who is looking for any place to countdown and starting new things in new year, we would like to suggest Hong Kong, the Special Administrative Region of China. All tourists can enjoy eating, drinking, shopping and making merit for as much as you can.

We would like to recommend the first place The Peak. All tourists can go either in the afternoon or evening and can see view and skyscrapers in  Hong Kong including beautiful Victoria Bay along with green hill of the New Territories. The Peak also facilitate tourist with restaurants, gift shops, and Peak Tram (cable car) which make you see the view from another angle. One more program all tourists must do is making merit and praying. Hong Kong is one of the most popular countries for praying and worshipping so it has many temples. We recommends Repulse Bay where it has Guan Yin, God of luck and many graven images. Wong Tai Sin Temple combines 3 religions: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Also, Ngong Ping 360 is a cable car that will take tourists to pay respect for a big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha), along the way tourists will experience a beauty view and sea including mountaintop that has restaurants and souvenir shops to serve customers.

Shopping is one of the main factors that makes Hong Kong become a famous place for tourists as it is a tax free zone. Mainly brandname shops are located at Causeway Bay and Shopping malls and Stalls are located at Nathan road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Many people say “Think of Hong Kong think of good food” because Hong Kong is full of foods and desserts such as roast duck at Yung Kee restaurant, Queen’s road in Hong Kong side. Also there’s dim sum at Lin Heung, Wellington road where it has been opened for 70 years. For desserts we recommend Egg Tart at Tai Cheong Bakery at Causeway Bay. All previous programs are done, before we go to the last place where it is the highlight of the night, we will take time machine to fantasy land, world of happiness and fun at Hong Kong Disneyland. Disneyland always gives you a heartbeat and makes you remember a childhood time. Tourist will touch with playthings in each zone, watch Cartoon Parades and also visit Disney’s shop and restaurants.

Lastly, we would like to suggest all tourists to go to reserve a seat at Avenue of Star in the early sunset. Avenue of Star is the place that makes Hong Kong become “East of Hollywood”. All tourists will see Symphony of Light performance that combines light, color, song, and speech. All tourists will feel like having a celebration, a sense of liveliness, and brightness of Hong Kong.




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