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Noppadol Punyatipat, President of Infonet (Thailand) Limited. “Quality Persons of the Year 2013”

Mr.Noppadol Punyatipat, President of Infonet(Thailand) Limited with the Award, _Quality Persons of the Year 2013_

  Mr. Noppadol Punyatipat, President of Infonet (Thailand) Limited with the Award “Quality Person of the year 2013″


In Techno Society’s Lifestyle section, we had an opportunity to discuss and exchange viewpoint with Mr.Noppadol Punyatipat, a gentleman who obtained “Quality Persons of the Year 2013”. In the Hall of Fame of Information Communication & Technology granted by Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand, Ministry of Science and Technology. He is a President of Infonet (Thailand) Group of Companies, he was an executive for many well known domestic and international companies in Thailand.

Being an expert in Thailand’s IT industry for decades, Mr.Noppadol shared his opinion on Thailand’s IT infrastructure and telecomunication whether it is adequate and what is still missing at the moment.    

“Thailand’s infrastructure is currently offered by many providers. Unfortunately users rarely make use of it. This is because providers build infrastructure which results in capacity but the utilization is not much. Therefore in reality Thailand does not “Lack in” IT infrastructure and telecomunication. What is truly missing is the collaboration in government and private sectors. They should turn to each other and invest on IT infrastructure which will benefit people instead of having a competition. This is for services with smartly lower cost of investment.”

“More importantly, government sector should be a moderator to manage the usage of IT infrastructure to be in form of “Economy of Scale” which will help reduce cost of investment.”

IT with “Benefits” to the Country  

“I wish to see the efficient application of IT resources with emphasis on giving convenience and assistance for people. In particular for “Automated System” which in the past we witnessed the success of many system utilizations e.g. E-Revenue System by the Revenue Department. This is considered a revolutionary era of online tax form submission. This considerably helps provide convenience and saves time for people. The automation system also includes Car License Renewal at service points. All systems do not need “World – Class” guarantee but they should be practical with reasonable cost, according to Thailand’s His Majesty the King’s Self-Sufficiency.”

“Moreover, Thailand still lacks in building innovations and commercializing them. The importance is governmental bodies must inspire both public and private sectors on these matters and support Research and Development to be more tangible. “Intellectual Property” is also significant.

Factors to Life’s Success with Philosophies of “Leadership 360o and Work-Life Integration”

“In my opinion, leaders in present era should have trustworthiness, courage, and passion within them. They must be efficient with versatility
including being accepted by people. For work – life balance, I think while we are working, we can also have fun with it. This will lead to more relaxing work. Life will then be fun and full of essence at the same time. This is called “Work-Life Integration”

Impression with TCC Technology’s Services

Both Mr. Noppadol Punyatipat, President and Mr. Saran Snongjati, Executive Director and Vice President, Global Business, Infonet (Thailand) Limited said the same: “From using Colocation Managed Services, and Disaster Recovery for 11 years, TCCT has provided a prompted high quality support with reliable results all along.

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