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Executive Talk
“As a member of Digital Economy Committee in Thailand, I am delighted and honoured to be able to contribute as a driving agent in transforming Thailand to Digital Economy in 2015.The objectives are to develop and fit modern and efficient digital infrastructure to become a foundation of economy. To organize National Data Center is one of the factors that is essential and is part of Hard Infrastructure framework. Data center is a centralized repository of data for storage, management and dissemination of data among its associated components. Building national data centers will reduce duplicated investment and save cost especially for the governmental bodies leading to even higher standard achievement. However, what Thailand should focus on is “Availability and Security Standard” as having stored data in the same area requires good management to address higher risk. Therefore, sufficient security standards and proper area for future scalability must be made possible. This also includes the support of present technologies along with the benefit of “Green Data Center Efficiency”. Driving the Digital Economy towards efficiency and improvement for the future doesn’t come from single factor. It needs supportive teams of manufactures, consumers and the creation of education and awareness to population including cooperation from government and private sectors are equally important.

I am glad that T.C.C. Technology Company Limited (TCCT) launched Techno Society magazine. Hope all readers will gain knowledge and understand today’s fast pacing technology. I am very positive that good cooperation from every sector in the nation will definitely make Thai digital economy perfectly grow with possibitliy”.

Dr. Manoo Ordeedolchest

Advisor to the Permanent Secretary of ICT Ministry and Committee of National Digital Economy


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