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Dr. Manoo Ordeedolchest and Government’s Important Role for Thailand’s Completion of Digital Economy Ecosystem

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Currently both public and private sectors need to adapt themselves to fit into Digital Economy Ecosystem which will substitute Analog Economy in the near future. As representative of providers in private sector, TCC Technology continuously presents the story of Digital Economy for Techno Society readers in order to create knowledge and understanding for entrepreneurs and citizen. For this issue, we are honoured to have Digital Economy expert: Dr. Manoo Ordeedolchest who is an Advisor to the Permanent Secretary of ICT Ministry and Committee of National Digital Economy, a public sector representative whose main mission is to completely drive the country to the new economic.

Q: What are role and responsibility for National Digital Economy Committee?
Dr. Manoo: “My role as a committee is to closely collaborate public sector with private sector. We must make Information Technology become “Content Enabler” to build business value for the country, not only contributing to entertaining and social media purposes. The current challenge is how to utilize abundant connectivity invested with duplication by private sector and manage it in a more efficient manner instead of using it solely to connect for “Commercial Purpose”. This includes fiber optic and Internet Broadband. Government’s duty is to encourage private sector to expand the connectivity for nationwide coverage. Connectivity will help save time, costs, and reduce risks in business process including enhancing more consumers both domestically and internationally. It also allows SMEs in tourism industry and content providers worth millions of baht and also large enterprises to prepare more to be part of this ecosystem.” Dr. Manoo also added that government also supports people in suburban area to make use of technologies for commercialization (E-Commerce) for more income, more education, and less poverty in the area.

Q: What are challenges from the passage to Digital Economy that government is encountering at the moment?
Dr. Manoo: “The first challenge is to reform government’s regulation called “Analog Era Law” which has existed for long time to be more modernized and to support Digital Economy. This is especially for laws that are related to IT infrastructure including applying electronics with systems in public sector. One more point to consider is “ICT Literacy” or IT knowledge of citizen that is considered in a low level. Therefore, it is government’s duty to educate people in particular SMEs to have knowledge of commerce, electronics. This also includes the change of mindset and re-organization of business process to be suitable for Digital Economy.”

Q: How is “National Data Center” important for Digital Economy?
Dr. Manoo: “IT system to compliment the support of national data center and Cloud Computing with security is what Thailand still needs to work on, Previously, there was no organization which fully took charge in this matter. As a result, National Data Center Policy is what the government plans to allow private sector to invest by serving government’s demand to make use of invested infrastructure for country’s basic IT foundation. Moreover, it is to serve the demand from private and business sectors. For National Data Center, Government will set up criteria for providers e.g. data center standard should cover the redundancy from other data centers and concurrence permited from backup source simultaneously including Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Providers who are qualified from the criteria will be selected to offer services to people and businesses according to government’s project.”

The most important thing emphasized by Dr. Manoo is to create knowledge and understanding for people and private sector especially SMEs to have knowledge foundation of IT to steer the country at full capacity to this new economy.


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