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Hello readers,

After a series of Digital Economy selected for Techno Society readers, in this volume you will be introduced to know more about “E” or so called “Electronics” which has greatly contributed to 5 Digital Economy frameworks. Transforming to Digital Age is no walk in the park. Both public and private sectors must be developed together in parallel. That is why 3 Es: “E-Government”, “E-Business”, and “E-Commerce” have taken important roles and are what we must keep an eye on. You will find a lot of food for thought articles which will you be exposed to a more understanding on how “Electronics” functions in each organizational structures of public and private sectors. You will also be hearing from experts from leading private enterprises and government body within interview sections on how “Electronic Platform” works and benefits the businesses and country to be able to move forward to Digital Era. Find out when and how data center was brought to life and its revolution including a wow experience on visiting Asiatique the Riverfront in leisure column with us. Welcome to “Era of Electronics” and enjoy reading Techno Society magazine.

Treesukhon Kraiphanont
Chief Editor

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