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Netbay and their Aim of Bringing “Trade Network Service” to National Level From One-Stop Hub to Multiple Destinations Leveraging Private and Public Sectors along with Financial Institutions to Regional Level


One of the most important factors patronizing the country to step into Digital Economy platform in 2015 is to bring business to e-Business platform. This is considered part of Digital Economy framework (Service Infrastructure). In this volume, Techno Society is filled with essence of knowledge from the interview of Mr. Pichit Viwatrujirapong, President and CEO of Netbay Public Company Limited. Netbay is a leading provider of turnkey e-Business services. We will understand how the company becomes successful including its contribution for state enterpr ises, government bodies, public and private sectors, and financial institutions in the country to enhance their potential and business value resulting service excellence.

Passage to Success
Mr.Pichit said, “We began doing business in “Dotcom” Time. At that time there were many IT System Integrators (SIs) and E-Commerce businesses in the industry. That was when we sought for differentiations making our businesses unique and therefore interesting for users. We created the concept “Central Post Office” or Gateway which is a middleman between enterprises and government bodies. Our role is to develop and facilitate like postman receiving and sending electronic data from the upstream which is enterprises we developed applications and link the data to Midstream (our Gateway). Our Gateway support applications from various platforms. The data is then connected to Downstream where applications will be developed in order to link to public and private organizations and financial institutions. This, in total, will create what we call “Value Chain”.

E-Business Philosophy with the Enterprise’s Slogan: “Better-Fas ter-Cheaper”
“Throughout 17 years of doing business, I can say that Netbay has grown from designing Business Model to be distinctive from others in IT industry. We strategized our product innovation by making “Software as a Service” or SaaS which the service charge was based on “Transaction Base”. We were among the first providers in Thailand with this financial model because we wanted to create convenience, time and cost saving, and simplify everything for our customers from both public and private sectors including users and that is our philosophy, “Better-Faster-Cheaper”. “It will be more beneficial for entrepreneurs if they can avoid a large sum of money on making software or buying software, building data centers, buying licenses, or paying dearly for maintenance without expertise in IT. All they need is a computer to transmit all data to Neybay’s Gateway. This is Software as a Service (SaaS) type of service resembling Cloud concept. This extremely contributes especially to government bodies as they can save time, reduce unnecessary expenses, and avoid outsourcing for IT system integrator nor software developers. Apart from benefits for customers in private sector, government bodies, and financial institutions to have better business performance, faster operation, by lower expenses, Netbay also applied the philosophy to develop the organization itself to be “better, faster in terms of operation and services, and cheaper in organizational expense management.”

Hall of Fame Project: A Revolution of collaboration between private sector and the Customs Department: From Paper Documents to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Documents
“In accordance with e-business and e-commerce system development during Digital Economy period, Mr. Pichit talked about one of the accomplishments which was to make EDI or Electronic Data Interchange system work and successful. “We developed and applied EDI system with the organization, leading to the evolution of confidential document management by migrating all documents into electronic platform. We built, and developed the system and piloted with the services of Customs Departments because it is large organization and Thailand has import-export as major economic activity, resulting in a large amount of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Moreover Thailand still has plenty of space for import-export business expansion.” “The Customs Department itself is a pillar of export and import. It directly links to the country’s Logistics Community. The Department’s scheme to migrate the documents of import and export into electronic platform is considered a big change as every company has to make the sending and receiving document process with the Department. The outcome of this reformation is the ability to reduce a large amount of paper used, which was approximately hundreds of Thai million baht. The electronic import-export document form also reduced sending-receiving and approval time which costed a large amount of money as well.”

Netbay’s Keys to Success
“As CEO, I run the business by thinking that success must come from Research and Development (R&D), creating innovation, incessantly developing technologies, and most importantly not being improvident because risks always occur. There are two things to focus on: Technology and People. These two things must be in parallel with “Activities of Innovation” at all time. It is noteworthy to use “Technology” to create more “Productivity” while human resources are the same or fewer.” “What will make application, software, platform, and electronic data run efficiently, fast, and smoothly are data centers with Tier standard internationally accepted along with domestic and international Hybrid Cloud and connectivity. They must be supported around the clock by expert engineers. This is why Netbay has laid its trust on TCC Technology’s data center for a period of time. It has been a great contribution to Netbay’s success, making us become “Country’s Gateway” and truly benefitting private sector, public sector, and financial institutions.”

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