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Leasing Solution on TCCT Cloud

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“Absolute Value will analyze market trend and apply latest technology and innovation for the most efficient solution suitable with customer’s businesses. For leasing market, we have good understanding on current Thai leasing market need. In the past as the systems supporting leasing business were rather complicated, regular ERP system could not address the complication of interest calculation which was the key of leasing record. The complication also covered the installment record of hire purchase and customer’s leasing contracts in leasing system. These transactions required complicated financial tools to manage. System maintenance by enterprises and fast-changing technology have become threats for enterprises. Therefore good system must create more efficiency while showing transparency, reliability, and traceability. Leasing company should ensure of customers with reliability. That is why we developed SAP Cloud leasing solution to make the process less complicated. From experiences and knowledge of engineers, we could design system which can support specific accounting system/record for leasing and hire purchase solutions. Moreover, using Cloud solution can make the system more reliable, mitigate risks, reduce costs, and lessen the complication of infrastructure management and maintenance. In the past, it was difficult for many customers in suburbs to seek for professional SAP providers. But at the moment with Absolute Value’s solution via SAP private Cloud powered by TCCT, customers can have peace of mind as they are supported by engineers 24/7”.

“More importantly, apart from system design, stability and efficiency of Cloud are important. What differentiates the outsourced service by expert instead of in-house system is business continuity offered by trustworthy provider certified by SAP”.

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