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AIA Thailand: 79 years of success with trust in TCC Technology’s data center service : Moving ahead for business expansion and being positioned as leader of life insurance business in Thailand 4.0 Era

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Digital Economy and Thailand 4.0 have importantly sparked organizations in Thailand to employ Information Technology (IT) to develop their institutes in various aspects to help mitigate risks especially the technical ones (Technical Risk)* by reducing expenses, improving internal process, and also enhancing product and service efficiency. These are in line with AIA Thailand’s business objectives. In this Techno Society article, we were honored to have Mr. Kitti Manakongtreecheep, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of AIA Thailand to share his viewpoints regarding a strong determination in applying IT to boost AIA Thailand’s performance in terms of internal function and experiences of users and agents.

* Technical risks consist of: 1. Infrastructure requirement  2. Capability of technology utilization  3. Lack of skilled IT human resources

How Information Technology Added Value to Operational Systems

Many years ago, AIA Thailand has implemented Image and Workflow systems to sustain rigid organizational foundation. The company has emphasized on Paperless data transfer and subsequently developed this means into Business Process Management (BPM) approach which enables all processes and all systems to be online and interconnected. For example, agent can now get accessed into company’s system to submit customer’s insurance application form in Digital format. Then, customer’s information will be proceeded to Auto Underwriting Process. An immediate online application approval will be done and informed to agents and then to customers.

Mr. Kitti talked about additional utilized IT: “Two years ago, we rolled out Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) used to connect all IT systems which were in the same layer. We also implemented “Online Data Store” technology which has allowed internal users to have real time access, including sending and receiving the information as insurance policy, insurance premium, and claims. This will help facilitate agents to communicate with customers and Customer Service Team to quickly reach customer database. Overall, it can save time for each working process for organization itself and also for agents and customers as well.” Mr. Kitti explained how the Automation Systems were applied in organizational processes, “The main objective of utilizing these technologies is not only to reduce Turnaround Time but also to increase working efficiency and most importantly, employees can focus more on value-added work instead of spreadsheets and administrative work.”

** Automation System is the system which involves computer usage in order to bring about more systematic procedures and automatically co-ordinate with other systems without human’s involvement.

AIA Thailand Trusts in TCC Technology’s Data Center Service

Mr.Kitti said that AIA’s on-premise data center aged over 25 years old. As a result, it was extremely challenging for an expansion to serve an organization’s huge data storage demand and supporting AIA Thailand’s applications for customer and agent’s usage via millions of smartphones. Datacenter standard is also a significant factor to consider.

“It is AIA Thailand’s principle that operating data center requires the experts. AIA Thailand has thereby trusted provider whose core business is data centers. The company followed the same universal criteria setby AIA Group.”

For the selection criteria of Thailand’s data center provider, Mr. Kitti explained that, “apart from AIA Group’s criteria, AIA Thailand selected professional data center provider whose core business is data centers.  Besides, provider must have insight experiences in providing services and ensure customer’s business continuity.There must also be supporting infrastructure services namely Connectivity, Cloud, and other one-stop services scalable for customer’s needs. The systems have to be highly stable and compatible with data amount and application workloads. The underlined factor criterion is provider’s great determination to make AIA Thailand’s business grow along with data center’s innovation and technology development. On the whole, AIA Thailand trusted TCC Technology to take care of our core business with their leading data center and related services in Thailand.

TCCTechnology is very proud to be part of AIA Thailand’s success whereby its business continues to expand, and to be the leader of life insurance company in Thailand 4.0 Era. Recently AIA Thailand was certified with Business Continuity Plan: BCP standard of excellence, according to BSI’s ISO 22301:2012 standard. This signifies a continuity of AIA excellent service for its customers and agents together with the potential in its business management based on proactive operational systems to be prompted for unexpected incidents.

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