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The Okura Prestige Bangkok

The Okura Prestige Bangkok

On Wireless Road, Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD) which is crowded with office buildings and both Thais and foreigners, there is one 
stunning building with shape similar to palms pressing together. The building is
called “Park Ventures Ecoplex”. Within
this building, there is one 5 – star 
Japanese modern hotel. This luxurious 
hotel is The Okura Prestige Bangkok.
The hotel is full of facility and technologies.
In this issue, Techno Society will bring
you to experience the high technology
of The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

The Okura Prestige Bangkok is different from the traditional 
concepts of Okura, Japan, by offering every type of modernity yet retaining 
various values in original Japanese cuisine by chefs from Japan. The Okura Prestige Bangkok has two hundred and forty rooms with conveniences waiting inside the rooms controlled by digital panels for electrical systems and Internet TV.

Internet TV – A New Trend in Hotel Rooms


Internet Access Via Facility

When you stay in any room at the Okura, you can sense the convenience
of an added service, namely, the Internet TV in each room. Internet TVs 
support all types of Internet use, whether you would like to search for 
information from the Internet or do something else. The Okura has also prepared keyboards for guests wanting to key in data, so it is easy to write  your emails 
via the monitor or visit various websites by typing without the need of 
your computers or notebooks. In addition, you can also enjoy watching 
shows on the Internet by using the large LED TV screen with full screen 
support. If you are a parent, you can use settings to prevent the
misuse of the services. This feature is only a small part of each room prepared by the Okura for guests.

Frivolity with a New Kind of Spa


Spa relaxation

The highlight for each hotel is the spa because the spa is a place for guests who come to rest and relax while enjoying the services. Our team witnessed a peek of the high technology provided for each guest with docking and an iPod for each room to help guests get away from stressful atmospheres. The staff will prepare a large selection of music. If you use iPods or iPhones you can plug the instrument in and listen to music in your preferred setting. We are certain that many guests will eventually drift off to a pleasant nap here.

We feel that these little of high technology will help impress all guests.

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